Chargalert ®

The idiot light that went to college ®

Diagnostic Tool · Convenience - Safety Device

Monitors and Tests Charging System and Battery

Two Models Available

Model C1-P (Portable Use) Model C1 (Fixed Installation)
Plugs into Cigarette Lighter Two Wire Connection          

Picture of Portable C1-P Picture of Permanent Installation C1-P

What the Chargalert ® tells you:

Use With All 12V Vehicles
Cars · Trucks · Motorcycles · Boats · ATVs · RVs

· Microprocesor controlled charging system monitor
· Monitors charging system with engine running
· Monitors battery status with engine off
· Accuracy ± 0.040 volt
· Multi-state outputs with single super bright red LED

Don't be stranded by a malfunctioning charging system!

Made in the USA!
Patent Pending

Planet Equipment
1215 North Acacia Drive
Gilbert, Arizona 85233


Download Chargalert ® Information Sheet